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Improviser, actor, voice actor, amateur film maker, gamer, vegetarian, Assistant Director of Awesome, and an all-around nice guy. Pleased to meet you.


This guy I know messaged me with an inappropriate comment about a photo I had been tagged in. When I politely asked him not to say things like that to me, he responded with this and proceeded to unfriend me.
I’m sorry that asking you to respect me and other women and politely asking to not talk to me about my boobs is throwing a tantrum.

This is clearly the mark of mature and noble man.

Sounds like he’s not really worth the bother, mate. 


Miles Edgeworth makes an unlikely friend
aa_69min day 4 [CAMPING]





Hyrule Warriors' Japanese “Treasure Box” is just that ⊟

In fact, not only is it a box of treasure, it includes one, that makes little Zelda sound effects. It also comes with a Triforce clock and a scarf. It’s 14,904 yen ($146) at Amazon.

Really, the part of this package that would give me pause is the, uh, Musou game included. Even that’s looking pretty good, though!

BUY Hyrule Warriors, The Legend of Zelda (Wii U), upcoming games

What the heck do you mean “just that”, I’d kill for that clock!

/ugly sobbing

so, uh… anyone love me enough to buy me these???



Hey hey
no need to prove it,
all the rain is gonna fall and will wash away the thoughts of yesterday

this song is in line with my soul
im convinced

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For those in San Diego who don’t have a Comic Con Badge you can STILL SEE ME!! I’ll be in Petco Park tomorrow morning 9:30am to whenever they kick me out!! BE THERE!!


Panini was not even in the realm of fucking around.


Shop - Ocarina of Time

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Razer comic con party I am a bumping #whatdoido